Officers for Academic Year 2016/2017 are:
President : Mani Valathur
Vice President : Valeria Martinez
Secretary :
Jt-Secretary : interim: Mani Valathur
Treasurer : interim: Mani Valathur

Green Fee Committee Representative(s)

ISEC Representative(s)
Faculty Advisor -  Dr. Alex Peimer

Green Business Conference Director/ Exec. Coordinator



(1)   shall preside at the meetings of the organization;

(2)   shall act as an ex-officio member of all committees;

(3)shall act as a facilitator for group discussion and decisions,

  in addition to being a resource of information, both physical & digital.


(1)   shall file charter renewal forms each July (and whenever officers change) with the Student Leadership  Development;

(2)   shall preside at meetings of the organization in the absence of the president;


(1)shall maintain organization meeting minutes and records;

(2) shall transmit to the Student Leadership Development minutes and signature of those attending meetings whenever:

  (a) officers are elected,

  (b) advisor is chosen,

  (c) decisions are made to request the expenditure of funds;

  (d) changes are made to constitution and/or by-laws

(3) shall make sure current organization Constitution and By-Laws are on file in the Student Leadership Development;


(1) shall collect funds raised, make deposits to the University Cashier's Office and submit deposit receipts to the Student Leadership Development;

(2) shall report to the organization a financial report after fundraising efforts;


(1) if 2/4 of the elected Executive Committee deems that they do not have the technical knowledge and capabilities to run and maintain the club’s electronic/digital media, then following the nomination by the Executive Committee and a simple majority vote of the membership at a meeting of the organization at which time a quorum is present a Joint Secretary shall be appointed.

(2)shall assist the Secretary in all duties the secretary is responsible for; 

Non-executive representative positions include:

(1)  two Illinois Student Environmental Coalition (ISEC) Representative(s) 
Through policy advocacy, leadership development and career resources, ISEC aims to assist students in becoming environmental leaders of tomorrow, and to make a significant impact on the shape of environmental policy for our community.

Company Overview
The Illinois Student Environmental Coalition (ISEC) was founded in 2007 to provide a dynamic structure through which students on Illinois college campuses could heighten environmental awareness, hone their organizing skills, and create a pipeline to work in the environmental field after graduation. The coalition currently consists of 47 student organizations representing 41 colleges and universities. We are the only organization working to serve college campuses on a state and local level. The coalition maintains communication with over 1600 students through regular updates and newsletters on the ISEC Listserv.
ISEC seeks to harness the energy of the coalition to promote forward-looking environmental policies on global warming and other important issues of our time. In order to take effective action on these issues, students must be trained in leadership and organizing skills. ISEC offers students opportunities to learn these skills through presentations and workshops at our annual conference and through direct involvement with seasoned policy staff at major environmental organizations in Illinois. The structure of the organization enables students to put their emerging knowledge to practice. ISEC also assists students to learn about career paths in the environmental field and identify potential organizations for internships and/or employment. Our coalition seeks to ensure that the skills learned during a student’s involvement with ISEC result in long-term engagement on environmental issues.
General Information
Environmental Advocacy

ISEC adds an important grassroots voice to the existing network of environmental advocacy in Illinois. Studying and helping to promote cutting-edge environmental policies is a core component of our work. Students from ISEC traveled to Springfield twice annually in 2007 and 2008 to discuss the need for new policies to control and promote recycling of the burgeoning amount of e-waste in our state generated from discarded TVs, computers, and other electronics. Their work was responsible for 15 additional co-sponsors of Illinois’ Electronics Waste law, adopted in 2008. In February 2009, ISEC students once again traveled to Springfield to advocate for changes in composting policies. Their work ultimately led to an improved regulatory framework that makes composting easier for businesses in the state. Students at several schools are now working on establishing compost collection on their campuses to take advantage of the law they helped to pass. In March 2009, ISEC students traveled to Washington D.C. to participate in Power Shift, a national campaign to pressure Congress to take action on climate change.

Leadership Development

Preparing students to actively engage the public policy decision-making process is an essential component of ISEC’s work. Toward that goal, ISEC holds a fall conference each year designed to introduce students to the different arenas in which policies are discussed and adopted and how they can have a meaningful voice in these forums. Past conferences have featured then Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn and State Representative Julie Hamos. The conference also includes a keynote address delivered by a speaker with considerable experience in community organizing.

Career Resources

In order to foster the students’ growth and continued involvement in the environmental community, ISEC provides resources on job opportunities and internships. Information on job openings and networking opportunities is presented in the ISEC newsletter, reaching almost 800 students.

ISEC seeks to be a model organization for other states. Through the achievement of these goals, we hope not only to create environmental leaders of tomorrow, but also to make a significant impact on the shape of environmental policy for our community.

Please contact Matt Steffen ( or call (847) 830-2057) with any questions or if you would like to sign up for ISEC updates

(2)  two Green Fee Committee (GFC) Representatives

In 2007, the Green Cycle Group (the student environmental club on campus) initiated the idea of a student "green fee" that would be used to promote campus sustainability initiatives. Green initiatives were becoming more popular across campuses all over the country, and a few universities had similar student approved fees to help pay for such expensive projects. The proposal was presented to the Student Government Association who endorsed it leading to a referendum for the entire student body. The green fee was approved in a referendum soon after and with the subsequent approval of the Board of Trustees, the $3/semester "green fee" started appearing on students' bills from Fall 2007. The Independent article covering the launch of the green fee can be found here. The Green Fee Committee was formed in Fall 2007 with the purpose of making decisions on how to use the funds generated from the green fee. Through a series of meetings involving interested students, faculty and staff, the Green Fee Charter was drawn up which formalized the membership and governing policies of the committee. Once the charter was approved in Spring 2008, the Green Fee Committee started functioning. It was decided that: - there would be 9 voting members with students in the majority (5), and 4 non-student members (2 faculty and 2 Facilities Management staff), - the committee would meet at least once a month in the fall and spring semesters and the meetings would be open to the public, - the meetings as well as the decisions and progress on projects would be adequately publicized to the NEIU community and efforts would be made to solicit input from the community. The following students played a key role in the formative stages of the green fee committee - conceiving the proposal, getting it approved through the referendum, and drafting of the Charter: Amanda Woodall, Jeremy Slate and Kate Ekman. The committee owes its existence and success to their contributions.
Please familiarize yourself with the committee's rules, members, budget, funded projects and proceedings from the links on the left navigation panel. Student positions open up almost every semester; if you are interested please keep an eye out for the announcements at the beginning of the semester. While the current official members are the ones who ultimately vote on any decision, active participation by all members of the NEIU community is essential for our success. We need your ideas! Please join us for the meetings but if you cannot please contact us by email with your comments, suggestions, and Feedback.


and no representative shall serve in the same position for more than four consecutive academic semesters. Representatives must attend the minimum set meetings each academic semester:

 an ISEC representative must attend 1 ISEC meeting per academic semester & a GFC representative must attend 2 GFC meetings per semester.

 If any non-executive representative does not attend the minimum set meetings, then they automatically agree that they have willingly forfeited and vacated their elected non-executive representative position in the organization.

Past Officers:
Officers for Academic Year 2015/2016 are:
President : Gio Senes
Vice President : Mani Valathur
Secretary : Stephen Doyle 
Jt-Secretary Mani Valathur
Treasurer Mani Valathur

Green Fee Committee Representatives
Lisa Curtis
Tim Tobin

ISEC Representatives
: Stephen Doyle & Mani Valathur

Faculty Advisor -  Dr. Caleb Gallemore

Officers for Academic Year 2014/2015:

President : Amanda Smith
Vice President : "Casey Sebetto"
Secretary : Stephen Doyle
Jt-Secretary : "Mani Valathur"
Treasurer : "Dayani Pieri"

Green Fee Committee Representatives
: Anett Zlotorzycki, Mani Valathur

ISEC Representatives
: John Hickey, "Dayani Pieri"

Officers from Academic Year 2013/2014:

President - Mani Valathur
Vice President - Dayani Pieri
Secretary - Stephen Doyle
Jt-Secretary- Mani Valathur "Default"
Treasurer - Mani Valathur "Default"

Green Fee Committee Representatives
Amanda Smith
Anett Zlotorzycke

ISEC Representatives
Rachel Mandel
Michelle Kuehlhorn

Pre-2013 Officers

All are welcome!